On Site Review


Prior to any paid engagement, ANCONATEK will conduct an on-site review in order to gage the fit between our organization & yours.

Since, ANCONATEK’s LEAN Optimization Program is a systematic discipline for unleashing an organization’s true manufacturing potential, it's a program that gives our clients a competitive advantage.

ANCONATEK tailors its offerings to meet each customer’s specific needs. Whether you simply need a study with a “road map” to help you jump start your operation on your own, or you need a partner to help you implement those improvements, ANCONATEK will be there for you.

Different Options

We help clients transform their manufacturing operations by providing some or all of our four offered services, specifically:

· Mfg Optimization Service (MOS)

· Strategic Planning

· LEAN Education

· Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Offered Services

Manufacturing Optimization Service


 Assists manufacturers to improve their manufacturing operations, largely with existing assets, but sometimes with very limited and targeted capital investments. Primary focus is on maximizing asset utilization, optimizing throughput, increasing OEE, driving out waste and building a LEAN culture. 

Strategic Planning


Guides clients to build strategic plans with 1-5 year horizons. Aligns KPI targets with actual performance across the entire spectrum of measurement (shift, daily, weekly, monthly, annually, personal MBOs departmental, site etc…). A very data, metric & action driven process. 

LEAN Academy


 Sets up an internal LEAN training & certification program for key personnel. An essential component of building & sustaining a LEAN culture. 

Problem Solving/Root Cause Analysis


 Educates & trains associates to identify and attack the root causes of problems/deviations. Primary focus is on using the appropriate problem solving tools for specific problems. As a separate service, ANCONATEK can lead your team in the root causing/solving of specific problems.