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LEAN Manufacturing Supports Reshoring

Manufacturing Productivity Supports The Reshoring Trend Reshoring will become a dominant trend in US manufacturing. This transition will strain existing machine, supply chain and labor bottlenecks, and necessitate the need for manufacturers to “do more with less”, and upgrade their manufacturing productivity. Companies that successfully execute this transformation, will leapfrog their competitors, and reap the benefits of lower transportation costs, shorter lead times, and more effective JIT

LEAN Manufacturing Breaks Bottlenecks

LEAN manufacturing, a methodology for applying continuous improvement principles, is perhaps the single biggest profit driving initiative that a typical manufacturing organization can undertake. Most companies possess significant latent manufacturing capacity, the unleashing of which results in a “LEAN Virtuous Cycle” of lower operating costs, leading to more business, which in turn leads to lower operating costs. This, combined with a relentless application of LEAN and Six