ANCONATEK’s leadership traces its roots back to the current family restaurant established in Ancona, Italy in 1897. The same values of excellence, hard work, thoroughness, attention to detail, and putting the customer first that have allowed La Moretta to thrive and serve Ancona for 122 years enabled ANCONATEK to Increase Wrigley’s worldwide capacity by 49% with minimal capital investment, through aggressive debottlenecking, cycle time reduction, downtime reduction (reliability improvements), selective process redesign and rationalized scheduling which also resulted in Wrigley canceling a planned $25,000,000 European capacity upgrade.


Our objective to uncover inefficiencies that allow our customers to achieve their full potential is ANCONATEK’s sole purpose.  In pursuing that purpose with our partner Ferrara Candy Company, we were able to help them realize a 35% OEE Improvement, that enabled them to consolidate operations into 3 fewer factories, which resulted in Tens of Millions of Dollars in annual savings.


Understanding that improving our customers bottom line is the true measure of success underlies ANCONATEK’s total commitment to our partners.  That commitment to our partner Craftmark Bakery helped them increase OEE on a critical focus line from 38% to 66%, resulting in over $500,000 of annual labor savings and another $500,000 of savings due to halving waste.  When we taught them how to apply those same tools across their other 5 lines, there annual savings increased by another $4,000,000.